Real Estate and For Sale Items


Use Sms Mobile Solution Text Messaging to:

• Increase visibility and interest in your listings
• Collect potential buyers’ contact data
• Complement other property advertising efforts
• Generate sales leads
• Enable customers to easily store data on homes of interest


How It Works | Real Estate Solutions Simple As 1-2-3

Fast and powerful solutions that convert into leads and sales.

Place a call to action on your for sale signs, flyers or advertisements.

Example: “Text 564OakLane to 555-1234-5678.”

An automated response text is immediately sent along with pictures and videos back to the customer, relaying details about the offer.

Example: “4 bedrooms, 2 bath cottage home…etc”.

Once a customer sends the text, the campaign team will receive a text with the customer’s cell phone number, which can then be used for future communications.